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 Avatar Library program ( mars )

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PostSubject: Avatar Library program ( mars )   Wed 28 Jun - 0:42

I found that from mars in seamless forum ,

will check that when time

Quote :

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 4:13 am Post subject: Avatar Library program


hi all
thyme has very kindly said that i can post a link here to a program i have written for blaxxun contact 5. x


basically the program allows you to save, store, manipulate your blaxxun avatar list, you can even save lists and share them with friends,
i wrote this because florenze lost her avs once after a fresh install.. i was determined that no contact user would ever have to go through such a trauma again!

not only can you do all of the above, but it also allows you to see a preview of your avatars, and to swap the avatar list directly with the click of a button.. on top of all that, there is an always on top window which you can use and paste into while looking at avs on the web, this allows you to add avs to your library directly... later if you want to you can also export all to a text file so no more lost avs ever! no more.. what was the url of that av i really liked?
avatars are finally free.. even the blubies can hold their heads up high now..

btw, you will need .net 2 framework for the ap to run.. you probably already have this if you go to windows update, if not then the installer will point you to the download page

contact 5.x only so far, keep visiting the page from time to time to get updates

there will be a change log soon
regards and hugs all

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Avatar Library program ( mars )
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