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PostSubject: Parkings   Wed 23 Aug - 12:12

I found that from worldbuiderguild , thanx fabricator Smile
and I saw that mcfly was insterested too ......

Quote :
This first World was in the Suburbs at one stage I remember, no one
seemed to remember it when I asked though. Not just a pretty scene
but some interesting coding also, some shared events. The use of a
PlaneSensor for rotation instead of the buggy
SphereSensor/CylinderSensor is what I was interested in.

Background info includes photos of the original location.


I like the common theme though, take photos of real world locations
which look less than perfect. The best 3d work is making things look
worn, dirty or rough, this actually makes things realisic.

in real :

indeed it is a nice good world ....

I can't forget what jicer made about his own parking near his home ...

I was there , at jicer home , in s august 2005 , and I tok that photo from his window :

..........On year later I was , in august 2006 , in an hotel in Kiev ...and I took that photo from the window :

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