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 Vr dimensions server down again

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PostSubject: Vr dimensions server down again   Wed 4 Oct - 5:05

Vr dimensions has died again.

It really looks like they don't care about whether the site works or not. Took them way too long to fix the bugs and they basically shut things down while they worked on it.

Not suprisingly no one returned when they did re-open.

Anyone else know of other sites with this problem ?
vr4all goes down occasionally, not sure why though.
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PostSubject: Re: Vr dimensions server down again   Thu 5 Oct - 22:43

Quote :
vr4all goes down occasionally

ah ??

humm I have no time to go there , pity.....it is well done ....

well .....btw , internet has not the same "Time" than human one ,
and things on web not the same duration ....... Sad

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Vr dimensions server down again
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