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 Business VRML: "Laplace" apartments in Volgograd

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PostSubject: Business VRML: "Laplace" apartments in Volgograd   Mon 24 Nov - 15:42


The new Web3D release of ClickON studio demonstrates residential building "Laplace" under construction in Volgograd, Russia.

The studio is known here as developer of two uncommercial VRML worlds: Virtual Mamayev kurgan and Volgograd metrotram 3D described here earlier.

This project contains a number of new original UI features overriding standart navigation and making simple visual SFX. We hope it will be good example of successful business implementation of VRML.

Sorry for absence of English or French version, just enjoy the art!

Laplace: Building View

Laplace: Floor Layouts View
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PostSubject: Re: Business VRML: "Laplace" apartments in Volgograd   Mon 24 Nov - 20:15

hello Lobotomy !

I am very happy that you works so well Smile

It seems nice

( always some probs with the russian letters , but I found the 3D Smile

be well , work well ,

and "follow" us on MixED if you have time Smile

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Business VRML: "Laplace" apartments in Volgograd
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