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 Sharing the Line and the Circle

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PostSubject: Sharing the Line and the Circle   Mon 21 Feb - 11:46

I added a new world to the DM public server: "Free Line and Compass"
A shared line drawing feature has been added.
You can measure, get coordinates and make temporary marks too.
It hasn't been entirely debugged yet so beware Twisted Evil
To draw a line(s):
1. A cross-like widget on a Plane Sensor is used to draw the line(s)
2. Click on the "DRAWL!" to gain control of the world's tools.
3. Click on the colored pen so that a line appears beneath it (same as compass)
4. To start the line click the widget on its white triangles then drag.
5. To change direction ( create an angle ) just click a white triangle again.
6. To stop just reclick the pen so the line underneath disappears.

You can copy, move and re-color your line creations just like compass.
There's also extensive viewpoints on the tools so you can get fairly accurate with them.
A simple billboarded text tool as well -just type into the Matrix Msg Input at the bottom.

Have fun!


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PostSubject: Re: Sharing the Line and the Circle   Wed 23 Feb - 17:12

sans lever le crayon ? Smile

without lifting the pencil ? Smile
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Sharing the Line and the Circle
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