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 Bs Contact - cache issues and solutions

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PostSubject: Bs Contact - cache issues and solutions    Tue 15 Jan - 20:04

Hi all,

New creators and students often report about "strange" problems with online versions of their creations.

In many cases they are only the last victim of the "contact cache issue". In the good old VRML days this was a common discussion in forums but most forums are gone now, with their precious information.

Apparently bs contact documentation is not explicit enough about the issue so decided to make a blog post with the info I could gather about this issue and some solutions: Bs Contact Cache issues and solutions

Please comment there or here about the cache issue and share your info, hints and solutions.



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PostSubject: Re: Bs Contact - cache issues and solutions    Tue 15 Jan - 20:36

may be stupid ,
but I answer first quickly , then I will think about more seriously , LOL

I always upload.... file1.wrl ,
then , if I change something in , I upload a file2.wrl


may be stupid but simple Smile

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Bs Contact - cache issues and solutions
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