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 3d printer...

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PostSubject: 3d printer...   3d printer... EmptyFri 26 Jul - 22:23

what 3d printer can do???
*** before you enter this video, its very GRAPHIC. if you under 21 dont watch it ***

this man had a cancer and the doctors cut his most of his face.
now he have hole inside his face.
today, in the 21 century we have the technology that can print 3d models from the computer...
and this technoly also can save life, and not only for computer models...

amazing !

and also we can print guns with the 3d printer...
and those gun can kill, its not a game...
those guns are not made by steel, so in security check no body can know if you have gun on your self...
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PostSubject: Re: 3d printer...   3d printer... EmptyMon 29 Jul - 12:21

May be I will pay a 3d objetc of mines , just to see ...Example with sculpteo ..

But I think that very soon , many people will have at home a 3d printer as they have a TV ...

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3d printer...
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