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 Linux and Server Confusion

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Linux and Server Confusion Empty
PostSubject: Linux and Server Confusion   Linux and Server Confusion EmptyWed 8 Dec - 1:39

Part of the confusion I see with posts ( aside from the language one )
is that Linux OS is normally associated with being the server OS.
Modern Linux systems can be either client or server or both.
When I say "both" I mean just like on Windows you can run the server
on your personal client computer locally ( IP) or on the ethernet,
or if you are good at routers and networking even allow other users from the internet

Yes, if you want to run the client on Linux you must have Instant Player installed
for each user.
That can get tricky because
1. You have to have a 3D graphics driver ( preferrably NVidia )
2. IntantPlayer has a lot of dependencies.
I had a LOT of problems getting it to run on Suse
Debian and Ubuntu were easy.
Fedora was more work as I remember.

You can run the server anywhere on Linux, but you have to modify the directories in the scripts accordingly. For instance My public server is not located in the opt folder.

Finally, Linux can be a little frustrating with all the permissions stuff but once you understand
chmod command it is pretty easy -easier than Windows 7 (I am sick to death of Microsoft's hand holding!)

Hope this helps!

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Linux and Server Confusion Empty
PostSubject: Re: Linux and Server Confusion   Linux and Server Confusion EmptyWed 8 Dec - 1:57

LOL Russ , indeed , it is my great son , who is ingenier in numeric ,
who had host DM on my server .
After several tryings ,
( see on the other topic )
and with the help of jacinto , I have all OK now ,
it seems

But I dont know many ingeniers , LOL
so I have 2 questions :

The simple one :

how I could write simply what people have to do to connect DM on my server ?

( Btw , to have it on my server is juste to show that DM works ,
I dont care to have a chat , btw yours works LOL ,
I guess I am clear )

2 - The hardest one :

what I need to explain to a guy who whant to have DP on his server ????

Because I had been unable to explain that to myself LOL

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Linux and Server Confusion
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