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 Seamless Goes Open Source Under the MIT Licence for 2.102

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Seamless Goes Open Source Under the MIT Licence for 2.102 Empty
PostSubject: Seamless Goes Open Source Under the MIT Licence for 2.102   Seamless Goes Open Source Under the MIT Licence for 2.102 EmptySat 24 Jun - 1:14

2.102 is now ready for download at:


The source code files are now available for download under the MIT licence. This is not only of interest to programmers and those who appreciate the extra security for one's time invested in a program, please note that if you want to be able to debug scripts especially scripts that are more than just a few lines long you may be able to benefit greatly by being able to debug your code using free standard powerful debugging tools.

The step by step instructions for how to compile the Seamless3d source code files using the free Microsoft Visual C++ 8 express 2005 compiler is available here:


Post here or send me an email if something does not work please!

It is great to see Microsoft states: Effective April 19th, 2006, all Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions are free permanently.

Seamless3d is currently compiled and developed using this compiler so I can very highly recommend it.

Instructions for how to use the KDevelop IDE for Linux is planned for the future after a version has been developed that renders the 3d graphics using the Messa3d library and after a port to Linux has been accomplished.

Scripting is normally thought of as writing trivial code where all one needs is a simple text editor to create the code but to write scripts that are a little more challenging, unless you are very clever you are probably going to greatly benefit by tools that let you insert breakpoints and that let you single step though your code frozen in time.

The following Tutorial:


shows how anyone can utilise the source files for seamless3d to bind nodes from a .smls or .wrl file to a C++ file that gets compiled with all the seamless source files (as part of the program)
Working with a standard compiler at this stage of seamless's development will also have benefits by verifying first how the C++ code is meant to behave for seamless.
The main challenge for beginners will be setting up the C++ compiler to compile Win32 and DirectX files. After this it should be a breeze for anyone use to VRML and JavaScript.

2.102 has had a few bugs fixed in regard to importing Build nodes.
All deficiencies reported by bumpy for 2.101 for the script compiler have been fixed for 2.102
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Seamless Goes Open Source Under the MIT Licence for 2.102
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